Citizenship by Investment Programme

St. Kitts & Nevis Citizenship-By-Investment Programme

Everyone has a dream. Some want to live in a tropical temperature. Some want to sip a lemonade in a peaceful sandy shore. Some want to travel over 130 countries visa-free and some want to have it all. If you can invest a sum, you can have it all by Citizenship by investment (CBI) program in St. Kitts & Nevis.
You don't need to discover St. Kitts & Nevis again, Christopher Columbus did that 500 years ago! It is also known as the Federation of Saint Christopher and Nevis. It is the smallest sovereign state in the Western Hemisphere, in both area and population. Saint Kitts and Nevis were among the first islands in the Caribbean to be settled by Europeans. Saint Kitts was home to the first British and French colonies in the Caribbean, and thus has also been titled "The Mother Colony of the West Indies"

Benefits of the programme

  • Visa-free access and visa-free on arrival to over 130 countries and territories worldwide including European Economic Area, the U.K., Hong Kong, Singapore and more.
  • No requirement to reside in St Kitts and Nevis
  • Complete discretion and privacy throughout the application process and citizenship
  • Strong investment opportunities in a growing economy
  • Fast processing within four months.
  • Addition of dependent children under 16, born after citizenship has been granted, to be processed by the Ministry of National Security.
  • It may be far away but there is no requirement to travel to St. Kitts & Nevis during the application process!
  • No interview, education or managerial experience required.
  • St. Kitts & Nevis recognizes dual citizenship, so investors can still benefit from their current passports.
  • Dependent children up to the age of 30 years old can be included
  • Dependent parents from the age of 55 years old upwards can be included
  • A low tax regime, with zero taxes on worldwide income, capital gains, and inheritance

St. Kitts & Nevis
Who Can Apply?

St. Kitts and Nevis have a long-running "Citizenship-by-investment" program attracting foreigners, who make a substantial contribution to the development of the country. Investors along with any family members can directly qualify for citizenship through investment, either by making a donation or investment in real estate purchase.

  • Investor and their family members shouldn't hold a criminal record.
  • They have to be in good health.
  • They need to have a high net worth.
Investment Options

Becoming a citizen of St Kitts and Nevis means becoming part of a nation that can look forward to 2018 of economic achievement, bolstered by a successful CBI Programme. Citizenship-by-investment in St. Kitts and Nevis is the cheapest and easiest of all the CBI programmes you can find. Here are the top four-way we suggest:

1) Sustainable Growth Fund (SGF)

St Kitts and Nevis have launched new Sustainable Growth fund, effective from April 1, 2018. The Sustainable Growth Fund for a single applicant will require a contribution of US $150,000, inclusive of Government fees. The contribution for a family of up to four will be the US $195,000.

The investment in detail looks like this:
  • US$150,000: Single applicant.
  • US$25,000: Spouse.
  • US$10,000: Per additional dependent.
In addition, the due diligence fees are as follows:
  • US$7,500: Due diligence of the main applicant.
  • US$4,000: Due diligence for dependent over 16.
  • US$4,000: Due diligence for financial sponsor.
The fund will benefit St Kitts and Nevis in sustainable areas such as healthcare, education, alternative energy, heritage, infrastructure, tourism and culture, climate change and resilience, and the promotion of indigenous entrepreneurship. You can calculate exactly how much it costs for you on the official government website:

2) Real Estate Investment

Applicants may qualify for citizenship through an investment in a pre-approved real estate project, which may include hotel shares, villas, and condominium units. The minimum real estate investment required by law is US$200,000 (resalable after 7 years) or US$400,000 (resalable after 5 years) for each main applicant.

Upon submission of an application, non-refundable due diligence and processing fees must also be paid. These fees amount to US$7,500 for the main applicant, and US$4,000 for each dependent of the main applicant who is over the age of 16 years.

On approval in principle of an application made through a real estate investment, a Government fee applies, as follows:
  • Main applicant: US$35,047
  • Spouse of the main applicant: US$20,047
  • Any other qualified dependent of the main applicant regardless of age: US$10,047
In addition to these fees, real estate buyers should be aware of purchase costs (mainly compulsory insurance fund contributions and conveyance fees).

3) Sugar Industry Diversification Foundation (SIDF)

The Sugar Industry Diversification Foundation (SIDF) is a charity set up by Saint Kitts Nevis Government to raise funds for the displaced sugar industry workers. The minimum contribution about is $250,000 per person and it is non-refundable by the Government, once the passport is granted. The SIDF has $250,000 donation + Government fee + Due diligence fee for one person. Additional costs apply for more family members.

4) Accelerated Application Process (AAP)

60 day Accelerated Application Process (AAP) option available subjected to $25,000 per applicant and $20,000 per dependent. Most applications are processed within 45 days under AAP

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